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It’s not just who you know. It’s what they say about you.

When it comes to employee benefits, risk management and protection, it’s not enough to drop names. You want to know more about our expertise, what we’re like to work with and what we’re able to bring to the table. At Diversified Benefits Group, we know there’s no better way to tell you than through the experiences of our clients.

In addition to the testimonials below, we’re also happy to put you in contact with clients, so you’re able to ask specific questions and speak candidly.

“I have been so pleased with the outstanding service provided to our employees by Diversified Benefits Group. I received a substantial rate increase from our previous broker shortly before renewal last year. I thought it was too late to find another broker and receive new insurance quotes. She made our group a priority and presented us with a very comprehensive plan of company comparisons – in a manner that was very easy to understand. After the contracts were signed, she continued to be accessible, providing us with almost daily information on new healthcare changes and additional human resource assistance. I am so pleased that I chose Diversified Benefits Group."

  • LaVonne Harrom

“I have known Wayne McDermott professionally since 1981. He goes the extra mile for our company, whether it’s working on quotes for a new policy or servicing the account during the year. He is always there working on our behalf. Diversified Benefits Group is a first-rate company, with first-rate people.”

  • Dean Jacobsen, Controller, Rotella’s Italian Bakery Inc.

“I have worked with Diversified Benefits Group since 1984. There are many reasons I stay with them: 1. They represent many insurance companies, so I can get the best fit and price for my company. 2. Since they have been in the business for 30+ years, they are aware of all and any new statues or changes in the law concerning insurance. This gives me a lot of confidence in the advice they share with me. 3. I am a small business with 19 employees, but they give me service like I am their biggest account. 4. Anyone can sell you insurance, but Diversified takes care of me after the sale. Knowledge is power. Diversified has that knowledge.”

  • Gregory J. Easley, General Manager

“Our family business has worked with Diversified Benefits Group since 1983 and the service we receive has been excellent for every one of those years. They take the time to educate us about all the options available and make sure we are in complete control of our health insurance spend. They do not wait for problems to act. They are always on top of the latest developments in health insurance, government requirements and new options for us to consider when renewing. When we have a question, we get an answer most times the same day. If we have a problem we call and the next time we hear back, it’s with the solution. I recommend Diversified to any business that is looking for a solid, reliable team to help with your health insurance needs.”

  • Curt Morehouse, Office Manager, WN Morehouse Truck Line Inc.

“To be successful in today’s economy, small businesses need to understand all aspects of their particular business. It is reassuring to know that Diversified Benefits Group’s expertise allows me to focus on my importing business and not my company’s insurance needs. They do an excellent job at providing annual health insurance quotes from multiple carriers, as well as providing voluntary insurance products to my employees. But, what sets them apart is that they are available well beyond annual renewals. I personally have worked with them for over 13 years and have not hesitated to recommend their services.”

  • Judy Wozny, President, LRI Holdings Company, LLC