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Do more for your people with benefits that do more for your business.

As employers measure the value of ancillary benefits, they find they’ve been underestimating the true impact of these benefits on their business. In fact, companies that offer ancillary benefits report employees are more productive, engaged and financially protected, translating to lower absenteeism, reduced stress and a better sense of health and well-being. But, the way these programs are traditionally delivered by brokers is not very transparent and definitely not independent. This dramatically impacts the quality of plans employers are able to offer – and ultimately how much they pay. Diversified Benefits Group LLC is changing that with a unique approach that’s redefining our industry.

At Diversified Benefits Group LLC, ancillary benefits have always been a part of the full-service programs we offer – rather than a commodity offering. For more than 35 years, we’ve developed key relationships with all the best carriers, understanding the offerings and seeing through the overrides and added fees that only increase costs – without generating returns. So, we’re able to provide you the right benefits, more affordably, along with more advantageous rates and tax savings.

And we go beyond traditional ancillary line placement to include individual financial consultation at the employee level and products designed to strengthen financial wellness among your employees.

It’s one more way Diversified Benefits Group LLC is redefining ancillary benefits programs to deliver greater bottom line benefits to your business with:

Employer Paid Benefits

From life insurance, short-term disability and long-term disability, to dental and vision, as well as financial coaching and planning – our suggestions are based on sound principles, like the strength of contracts, the value of the underlying benefits and the price.

Employee Financial Wellness 

Beyond traditional employer-provided retirement products, employees want a plan – and a person who can objectively guide them through a process to financial wellness.