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Individual financial coaching for a new kind of wellness.

Whether they’re planning for the purchase of a home, sending children off to college or anticipating their retirement, employees have many goals and their employment with your business is a big part of achieving them. Salary and other compensation is only part of their ability to gain financial stability. At Diversified Benefits Group, we work with clients to provide employee benefits plans that include a financial wellness component. 

Here’s why. A statistic taken from the Foundation for Financial Wellness shows that of the employees that used a financial advisor through their employer, 91% felt the consultation was effective, 74% had reduced stress, 67% had improved health and well being, 39% had reduced absenteeism and 36% had improved work productivity.

By working with our trusted network of financial advisors, Diversified Benefits Group is able to provide proven, financial coaching and financial products that support employees overall financial wellness. Our individualized approach ensures your employees are able to develop and achieve their financial goals. And in the process, your business benefits from a more satisfied, more motivated workforce.