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Improving the physical and mental well-being of your people.

Employers are finding that medical insurance is not enough to keep employees well. Shouldering the costs of vision, dental, disability and life insurance all place pressure on employees. As they feel the burden of increasing healthcare costs, employer-paid ancillary benefits are a great way to attract and retain good people, and improve productivity and reduce stress.

Diversified Benefits Group makes providing these ancillary benefits more cost-effective and affordable with advantages that include: strong negotiating power with the leading carriers; a first-hand knowledge of the industry and products; and the ability to pair your company with the right benefits that employees value.  

We’re also able to help you structure and administer your ancillary benefits program and determine whether it makes sense to pay all the cost or part of the costs of coverage, with a variety of benefits that can include:

Life Insurance

Provide the income protection that employees need for their dependents with employer-paid life insurance. Diversified Benefits Group can help you to determine the amount of coverage and can even structure a program that varies with the length of service to your business or the employee’s salary or position within the organization.

Voluntary Life Insurance

While there is value in the employer-provided life insurance benefit you offer, some employees will want to add protection. You can offer them the ability to purchase additional coverage at their own expense, but with the same convenience of automatic pre-tax deduction from their paycheck.

Short- and Long-Term Disability Insurance

There are many ways to structure your short- and long-term disability insurance benefits – and Diversified can help. We’re able to provide flexible options that include both employer and employee paid offerings, a variety of plan types along with voluntary benefits that offer employees portable coverage.

Dental Insurance

Very desirable among all employee groups, including dental insurance as a employer-paid or partially paid benefit is a great addition to your total employee benefits package. Its emphasis on preventive care helps to improve overall health and provides the opportunity to diagnose other serious health conditions when they’re less costly to treat.

Vision Insurance

In addition to providing improved productivity and reducing the incidence of workplace accidents as a result of poor vision, this ancillary coverage offers a low-cost addition to your overall employee benefits program. It can be offered as an employer-paid benefit or require an employee contribution.

Worksite/Voluntary Benefits

Benefits are an important consideration for employees and Diversified Benefits Group is able to help you with greater differentiation with voluntary worksite benefits. The benefits are paid directly to the employee and require minimal administration on the part of the employer. These can include: supplemental plans to cover employee deductibles; insurance for critical illness, cancer, heart disease or stroke; or insurance for accident, disability or life.

With the cost for medical insurance continuing to rise, ancillary benefits are a cost-effective solution to enhance employee benefits, without significantly increasing employer costs. Ask your Diversified Benefits Group associate to provide you with the details.