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Employee Benefits

Finding smarter ways to manage risk, predict future costs and exercise greater control.

When it comes to rising medical costs, it’s no longer enough to know why your premiums keep increasing – you need to know what you can do about it. Diversified Benefits Group can introduce you to healthcare options that offer you greater insight into the drivers of cost increases. Better yet, we help you to evaluate new options like self-funding, fully insured and captive insurance programs.

Our expertise in this area spans more than 30 years and also includes an understanding of how healthcare legislation and regulation impacts your business. Depending on your specific requirements, our recommendations may include traditional programs or introduce new approaches that better address current and anticipated needs.


More than 60 percent of private sector employees are now covered by self-funded programs. Diversified Benefits Group’s self-funded experts are the most skilled in the industry and can show you how self-funded plans offer you greater control with access to plan data, more consistent insurance rates and more predictable costs – while making it easier to meet the needs of the employee populations they are designed to serve. With stop-loss insurance available on more competitive terms than ever before, the number of employers that choose self-funding is expected to rise – across all segments from small and medium-sized to large businesses.

Fully Insured

For many businesses, traditional fully insured medical plans are the preferred option. They offer employers a simplified approach that they are familiar with in offering employees insurance – with premium rates fixed for the year and a clear understanding of how the plan works. Diversified Benefits Group has one of the most extensive networks of plan providers and has established long-term relationships that offer the greatest benefit to you. We are able to work with these carriers on your behalf to negotiate premiums and find the best fit for your organization.

Captives and Alternative Risk Transfer

Combining the best of self-funded plans and tightly held risk pools, the captives/alternative risk transfer (ART) structure is an attractive alternative. It offers employers increased control over benefits and costs, decreases premium rate volatility and shared risk across all the companies within their captive group – who all operate under the required risk management framework. Diversified Benefits Group’s extensive network and experience makes us ideal in guiding you through the process.