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Employee Benefits

Traditional plan options, with greater transparency.

Many companies simply feel more comfortable with a fully insured health plan. They like the fact that the insurance carrier assumes the risks, administers the plan and manages claims. The process is familiar, with premium rates for the year based on the number of employees enrolled in the program, the level of benefits provided and the deductible and co-payments required for employees and their dependents. The downside however, is that the costs of these plans can vary widely from year to year and from carrier to carrier. 

In addition, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act has changed the responsibilities of the employer, mandated the inclusion of certain benefits and virtually eliminated the underwriting process. So, you’re forced to pay for a greater share of the costs or pass more of these costs on to employees. Diversified Benefits Group brings greater transparency to the process. 

No one knows more about insurance than we do.

We’ve cultivated relationships with all the leading insurance carriers you’re familiar with – and many that you may not know – to provide you with a wide range of options that meet the diverse needs of your employees. 

Our commitment to the principles of superior service and value compels Diversified Benefits Group to look beneath the surface to analyze coverage and costs. So, you understand what you’re paying for and why. Best of all, we strip away many of the costs you don’t want to pay for – like extraneous broker fees and incentives.

Diversified Benefits Group is the resource you need to discover the fully insured solutions that make the most sense for your organization. Or maybe it’s time to find out more about self-funded insurance, captives and alternative risk transfer options. We can help there, too.