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Employee Benefits

Planning for the future begins right now.

While employees may be focused on their current compensation, retirement becomes increasingly important as they move up in their careers and move closer to retirement age. And while most don’t see their employer-sponsored retirement plan earning enough to support them 100 percent, they do understand its importance as part of their employee benefit plan.

Diversified Benefits Group is experienced in developing, implementing and managing employer-based retirement plans, such as payroll deduction IRAs (individual retirement accounts). These are probably the most popular plans because of the benefits they offer both employers and employees:

  • Flexibility in plan options
  • Tax advantages
  • Compounding growth over time
  • Ease of transfer 

Employers can customize the retirement plans they offer by determining eligibility of employees, providing an employer contribution, providing ongoing information about the plan to employees and staying up to date with retirement plan laws. You can also choose to manage the plan assets and distribute benefits or select a third-party administrator to do so.

Learn more about the options and advantages available to you when you contact Diversified Benefits Group about retirement plans.