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Employee Benefits

Risk management strategies that lower your cost and exposure.

The costs of healthcare are more extensive than insurance premiums and claims. Diversified Benefits Group employs a range of state-of-the-art risk management tools and analytics to identify potential areas of loss – and develop a comprehensive strategy for minimizing their impact on your organization.

We’re redefining cost containment by employing cutting edge strategies, industry leading tools and the best knowledge and experience in the industry to help prevent you from incurring claims in the first place.

Predictive Modeling

Develop a plan that enables you to detect and analyze the underlying risks of your employees – then do something about them. Diversified Benefits Group combines biometric information, medical and pharmacy claims and other assessments to forecast large claim scenarios. We then help you to put the right solutions in place to reduce or eliminate these risks, including coaching, incentives, behavior modification and medical tourism. The result of this applied engagement is healthier employees, as well as documented plan savings.

Medical Tourism

The idea of medical tourism conjures up visions of travel to a foreign country. But the reality is much closer to home, when you give your plan participants the ability to travel to centers of excellence within the United States to receive care for specific conditions and procedures. This option can lead to significant cost savings and also result in higher quality of care and improved outcomes. 

Patient Advocacy

The increasing complexity of today’s medical system makes patient and medical advocacy more important than ever. By providing your employees with access to trusted medical advisors, you give them the assistance they need to schedule appointments with the right physicians and specialists, to develop the right list of question to ask and to determine whether procedures are actually necessary. These advisors can also help select providers with the most experience and the lowest morbidities and mortalities. And, by changing the focus to quality of care and positive outcomes, your employer plan will actually experience lower costs and plan savings.


At Diversified Benefits Group, we employ the latest data and technology to analyze trends, identify risk and provide real business intelligence to give you a true picture of your insurance plan risk and the underlying drivers of plan costs.  Advanced analysis of plan data produces powerful results and insight into internal trends, provider and network utilization, employee behaviors, pattern recognition and ultimately, the factors that are truly responsible for rising costs. So, you’re able to take action.

PBM Oversight

The cost of prescription drugs is significant for any self-funded insurance plan, with many seeing pharmacy spending approaching a third of total plan costs. By implementing more robust oversight over pharmacy benefit managers (PBM), Diversified helps to provide an added measure of risk management and cost control. Harnessing the power of data, we cut straight to the actual costs of prescription drugs and implement solutions to eliminate unnecessary spreads and markups, determine legitimate rebate dollars and minimize hidden revenue streams.


Ultimately, ongoing measurement of plan performance and specific areas within your employee benefits plan is critical. Diversified’s auditing process provides you with key performance metrics to evaluate your program, identify potential risk and take control over the destiny of your plan. Our auditing process goes beyond spending metrics and vendor performance to focus on the actual contracts that form the plan framework. As most companies discover, contracts typically are not written in their favor. However, Diversified Benefits creates the accountability that drives savings.  

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