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  • When you know the excuses better than they do.

    It's time to get a broker with solutions. Thankfully, you've come to the right place.

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  • Ancillary benefits that put your company first.

    They're the differentiators that make your company, and the costs, more attractive.

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  • Where service isn't just the name of a department.

    Here it's part of everyone's job, everyday. So you'll always know how important your business is to us.

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  • For the risks insurance doesn't cover.

    We've got the expertise to address compliance issues, security and planning.

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  • Weighing the benefits of your employee benefits options.

    See how knowledge is your most effective tool for reducing costs and improving productivity.

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Because no one starts a company to obsess about risk and regulation.

You want to grow customers, expand capabilities, create jobs and increase revenue. With Diversified Benefits Group LLC, you can.

Diversified Benefits Group LLC provides all the resources you need to address the areas of business that keep you up at night – worrying about increasing costs, complex regulation, compliance, and their risk to your business. We’re redefining the industry with an approach that moves the focus away from agent compensation to provide you with the transparency, analytics, and knowledge you need to make better decisions.

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    Employee Benefits

    Create the ideal combination of compensation, coverage and cost-savings, while maintaining complete control. Learn More »

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    Ancillary Benefits

    Do more to increase your company's value to employees, while keeping costs aligned with the return they deliver. Learn More »

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    The risks are real and so are the solutions we bring to address regulatory requirements with expertise that insures you're in compliance. Learn More »