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Human Resources

Programs and processes that ensure what’s best for your people – and your business.

Human Resources – it’s a term that keeps some employers up at night. That’s not surprising. For today’s organizations, human resources encapsulates a broad array of paperwork, planning, regulatory compliance, reporting and record-keeping, training, communications, benefits and compensation. At Diversified Benefits Group, it’s a natural extension of our service-centered approach to risk management.

Our people are well-versed in the compliance issues surrounding employment regulations and best practices. We understand the important role it plays in protecting your business and also the relationship with your employees. Whether you have an HR program already in place or want to implement a more formalized approach, Diversified Benefits Program is able to provide the assistance you need in such areas as:

Hiring and Terminations

From recruitment and selection of qualified candidates, to ending employment, Diversified Benefits Group can help you to effectively manage the process throughout the entire employment lifecycle. We can work with you to put a system in place that includes details about interview processes, reference checks, salary negotiations and offer letters that detail expectations and responsibilities for the position. We’re also able to implement pre-employment screenings and background checks that meet EEOC guidelines and any requirements you may have. 

Throughout employment, Diversified is there to assist you in performance management, which is key in retaining and promoting employees. Should problems arise, we can advise you on the appropriate steps to protect your company from potential claims – prior to a termination. We can also guide you through the termination process, to ensure you comply with regulations relating to employment termination and any other responsibilities you may have to that employee.  

Manuals and Documentation

Developing written manuals and other documentation is the best way to standardize processes and procedures that are important in your business operations and safety procedures, your employment practices, and employee rights and responsibilities. More than templated software, Diversified Benefits Group works with you to evaluate existing materials and procedures, identify areas governed by rules and regulations, and then develop documentation and manuals based on your specific organization. 

We’re also able to assist you with the necessary training to familiarize management and employee groups with the content pertaining to them. Periodic reviews help to ensure that your manuals and documentation remain current – reducing misunderstanding and the risk of liability.


Training is a key opportunity to reduce the risk of liability, improve productivity, increase the value of employees and strengthen loyalty and satisfaction. Whether your company requires a formalized training program or specialized training in specific areas like safety, management and leadership, employee benefits, wellness, security or new employee orientation, Diversified Benefits Group is able to help. 

We work with you to develop professional presentations, supporting documentation and instructional materials or train-the-trainer instruction to support key needs within your business. We’re also a great resource for existing in-house training programs or as an outsourced solution for businesses who aren’t ready to make an investment in a full-time program.


For many employers, the burden of managing payroll is time-consuming and frustrating – taking focus away from other areas of your business. There’s also the concern about accurately meeting tax requirements and deadlines. Diversified Benefits Group provides the resources and business partners you need to meet the demands of tracking time and attendance, paycheck creation or automatic deposit, tax services and electronic filing requirements.

Regardless of your company’s size or the complexity of your payroll, Diversified Benefits Group ensures you remain current with payroll and unemployment taxes, forms and reporting – to reduce the risk of fines and penalties, and to prevent the opportunity for error. 

Benefit Statements

With so much emphasis placed on salaries and hourly rates, it’s easy to overlook a significant portion of an employee’s total compensation. And no one knows better than you the true cost of the benefits you provide to employees. By providing employee benefits statements, Diversified Benefits Group helps you to demonstrate the additional value of the benefits employees are receiving – so they better understand the decisions that surround the benefits they receive.

These benefits statements can be as detailed or simple as you wish. They can be made part of a written offer to prospective employee or provided during performance or salary reviews with current employees. Diversified Benefits Group can also assist with other benefits related communications to employees, such as newsletters, brochures and new hire guides.

Your employees require a significant investment in time and money. Make sure you maximize your investment, while you effectively manage your risk. Your Diversified Benefits Group associate can help. Find out more when you contact us.