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Human Resources

Creating the right environment for safety. 

It’s more than posters and the purchase of protective gear. Minimizing the risk of workplace injury, accidents and the costs and penalties associated with them requires a top-to-bottom approach to workplace safety. Diversified Benefits Group a proven resource for managing the risks with an approach that protects your business from liability, keeps you in compliance with regulatory requirements, reduces costs and improves productivity.

We take a comprehensive approach to safety that not only identifies potential problems, but also provides recommendations about processes, procedures, training and communications to create a culture that’s more attuned to safety. Working in concert with you and other safety specialists, our services include safety audits and on-site visits, training, safety manual development, planning and related documents.

Ongoing performance measurement and reporting allows you to see the impact of the program and enables you to identify the emergence of potential problems – and take action accordingly. 

Safety really is everyone’s job and Diversified Benefits Group ensures you have the program in place to make workplace safety a positive part of your company’s culture. Find out more when you talk to your Diversified associate.